About us

WEGU - expertise in plastics and rubber

WEGU offers its customers in the automotive industry the complete range of processing for all common polymeric and elastomeric materials, as well as the know-how for the development of products made of the same materials. This includes the processing of filled and unfilled thermoplastic polymers, elastomers and rubbers. This makes it possible to carry out a comprehensive and targeted product development without being limited by the choice of materials and manufacturing processes.

WEGU Business House With Logo

Through the consistent use of our material technology development, production and acoustic know-how in our strategic business areas, we can differentiate ourselves from the much larger competitors and their mass production-adapted production.

Developing components and systems using intelligent and innovative solutions is a benefit of the product, resulting in significant weight and cost savings for our customers.

Our strengths

Since 1949, we have been continuously developing our strengths.

Broad technology spectrum

The WEGU products are as diverse as the materials used for them. From thermoplastic raw materials of all kinds to thermoplastic elastomers to rubber compounds, we are able to combine the optimum raw material with the most economical technology for a wide range of customer requirements.

The problems of our customers are our challenge. Material and process development work closely with customers to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions. In this way, we can guarantee optimal customer benefit.

Constructive problem solving

Modern process engineering

Plastic injection molding, multi-component injection molding, rubber compression, rubber-metal compounds, inhousing of plastic parts as well as the loop technology of fiber-reinforced plastic composites are our strengths in process engineering.

The high quality of WEGU products is one of the crucial foundations for our success and forms the basis for the trust of our customers. Meeting their requirements and ensuring success requires great effort. Error prevention and fault elimination are among the top goals of WEGU.

Best quality


Many of our customers are active worldwide and are being accustomed by us accordingly globally. In addition to the headquartert in Germany, WEGU also has a production facility in Slovakia.

Organization structure

Under the WEGU consists of Group of WEGU holding GmbH and their four companies WEGU GmbH value-added and WEGU SLOVAKIA s.r.o., WEGU GmbH vibration damping and WEGU GmbH lightweight systems.

The lightweight systems WEGU GmbH and the plastic production of the WEGU SLOVAKIA s.r.o. are lightweight systems strategic business unit. The vibration damping WEGU GmbH is identical with the same name strategic business units (SBUS).

WEGU holding GmbH is responsible for the management of strategic business units, the management of the land and buildings of the WEGU group in Germany, other assets of WEGU group in Germany, so far this is not recognised in the subsidiaries, as well as the management of the central services, which are strategic business units and, where appropriate, external third parties against payment available.

Our strategic business units take over the responsibility for the development, production and sales of the product groups defined on the respective core competencies. Each SBU concentrate summarizes all necessary business functions for the processes required for the manufacture and distribution of products. The cross functions such as controlling, human resources management, finance and information management, quality management and others act as service providers for the strategic business units.

Company policy

With our corporate policy and our entrepreneurial actions in the sense of continuous improvement, we strive for a value system and target system recognized by all employees and accepted as an obligation, with which we want to jointly realize investments in future-proof workplaces.

Our history


In 2015, WEGU will be sold to the Chinese ZHONGDING.


The WEGU Group receives a new shareholder, equitrust AG. Dr. Herbert Bonrath (74) and his sons decided to sell to equitrust in the first quarter of 2011 as equitrust will continue the WEGU Group in their favor. Equitrust AG is part of a Hamburg-based, family-owned group of the businessman Erck Rickmers. The existing business orientation will be consistently pursued by the previous managing director, Horst Zimmermann.


In 2005 and 2006 the new production site WEGU SLOVAKIA s.r.o. was built in Pata, Slovakia.


In 2004, the Strategic Business Units (WEGU GmbH Vibration Damping and WEGU GmbH Leichtbausysteme) became legally independent and WEGU GmbH & Co. KG was restructured as a service company.


In October 1995 Dr. Herbert Bonrath with the strategic and operational restructuring. He took over the company in July 1996 as the sole shareholder and sole director.


In 1959, the company relocated to Kassel, where initially accessories for motorcycles and cars were produced.


The history of WEGU began in 1949 in the Westphalian city of Werl. There, the 1996 deceased Walter Dräbing founded the Werler factory of rubber goods, which gave the company its name WEGU.