Exhaust gas damper

Product information

Areas of application and functions

Connection of the exhaust system with the vehicle body in the area of the underbody as supporting elements for the weight of the exhaust system and for acoustic decoupling of the exhaust system from the vehicle.

Exhaust Gas hanger two in color black
Exhaust Gas Hanger Dark Gray, Red, Dark Green
Exhaust Gas Hanger Color Black
WEGU Products Product Details Bakcground


Technical requirements

  • Property consistency even at high ambient temperatures
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Integration of a captive
  • Compliance with tight tolerance limits
  • Individual design depending on the installation space and specifications

Manufacturing technology

  • Injection molding technology with robot functions
  • Machine size: 1800-7200 kN
  • Materials: silicone, EPDM

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