Interior Plastic Parts/ Interior Trims

Product information

Area of application / functions

  • Parts of the instrument panel
  • Steering column covers
  • Speaker grille
  • Crash-related components(for the fulfilment of the EURONCAP standards)
  • Center consoles

WEGU products Plastic Parts Picture Product color black
WEGU products Plastic Parts color black
WEGU products plastic parts picture 3 color black
WEGU plastic parts picture 4 color black
WEGU Products Product Details Bakcground


Technical requirements

  •  High design requirements
  • Functional components in the Visualand non-visual area
  • Finish withd ecorative paints invarious colors
  • Weight saving

Manufacturing technology

  • 1K-Injection casting technology of600-10,000kN
  • Ultraschallverschweißung von Kunststoffen und Kunststoff/Leder
  • In-house coatingaccording to customer specification
  • Fully automatic assembly withl inear- and freely programmable 6-axis robots

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