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Vibration Damping

WEGU GmbH Vibration Damping is recognized as a competent and reliable partner in the automotive industry in solving vibration and acoustic problems.

We offer our customers the highest level of innovative solutions. The products manufactured here are found in almost all high-quality exhaust systems of well-known vehicle manufacturers.

Increasing comfort requirements, especially in the field of acoustics, are met by new and constantly evolving products, which guarantee us and our customers a technical and economic competitive edge.

Technological competence

WEGU GmbH Vibration Damping has the know-how to be able to develop complex components such as rubber-metal, rubber-fabric, rubber-plastic and silicone-metal composites with technical responsibility to produce them with state-of-the-art, and also to manufacture automated production processes.

Exhaust and Transmission Silencer (Vibration Damper)

Most of our vibration absorbers can now be changed in their properties with a new, unique modular system quickly and without any tool change costs. With this system, the production can be made very flexible and with a high degree of automation. The modular system and the associated production automation thus offer our customers high potential savings in tool costs and also in the parts price.

exhaust gas dumper color black, dark grey and red

Exhaust hangers

Our newly developed pendulum systems for exhaust technology meet all the technical requirements placed on modern, high-quality suspension elements.

With a new design structure, it has been possible to realize significantly lower-cost suspension elements compared to competitive solutions. All these suspension elements are individually marked with specially developed special machines. Optimal traceability is thus guaranteed.

WEGU Products Exhaust hanger color black


With our modern machinery, we are able to realize innovative manufacturing processes that guarantee us and our customers a technical and economic competitive edge.

Research and Development

In our technical center, all dynamically loaded rubber and plastic parts are developed and tested. The necessary measuring and testing equipment - including mobile ones - is always state-of-the-art and fully meets the requirements of the automotive industry.

Lightweight systems

The Strategic Business Unit Lightweight Construction Systems has all the expertise in plastics processing within the WEGU Group. The development of innovative products and manufacturing processes is a constant challenge for our project engineers, design engineers and process engineers. Committed and qualified teams know the requirements and wishes of the automotive industry. The constant exchange of information takes place for our strategic product groups through daily communication with the development and purchasing departments of the leading manufacturers and their system suppliers. With versatile and modern injection molding production at two production sites, with a high level of automation in Germany and low wage levels in Slovakia, we can provide solutions to problems and develop and produce innovative, cost-effective and high-quality products.

Product groups

Forced vents

Steering bushings

Interior plastic trims

Fender with spray mist reduction

Plastic dirt trap

Technological competence

The Strategic Business Unit Lightweight Systems sees its competence in the optimized design of plastic parts through functional integration as well as in innovative multi-component solutions (especially multi-component injection molding). Value-analytical considerations also result in numerous approaches to cost reduction for existing products, for example, through refining or intelligent tool concepts.Injection molding machines for 1K, 2K and sandwich products with a clamping force of 350 kN up to 27000 kN offer capacities for all component sizes required in the automotive sector.

Depending on the product requirements, the processes are highly automated or realized with qualified production staff.

These activities are in line with the higher share of plastic components in future vehicles aimed at by automobile manufacturers.

A modern in-house paint shop with 2 painting robots processes water-based and solvent-based 1- and 2-component paint systems.


With the help of our modern machinery, we are able to realize innovative manufacturing processes that guarantee us and our customers a technical and economic competitive edge.

Research and Development

When designing the products, we use the latest Moldflow version.

Prototype tools and product-specific testing equipment are usually developed and implemented in our own tool shop. One example is the WEGU chassis dynamometer, which can be used to assess the effectiveness of spray mist minimization systems for truck fenders under realistic driving conditions.Testing procedures and development services that we can not implement ourselves are carried out in close cooperation with suitable university institutes.

In WEGU's own technical center, especially dynamically stressed components can be tested under a variety of conditions. Our own laboratory can check all relevant material-specific properties and supports us both in development and in series monitoring.