Overload protection for damper

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Tuned mass damper used, to reduce vibration tips that cause strength or acoustic problems. Vibrational energy is absorbed in the area of the Tilgereigenfrequenz of the tuned mass damper. This is removed by the absorbing properties of the rubber spring vibration energy the vibration-protected object. This minimizes the peak amplitudes occurring.

To accomplish this task during the entire lifetime of the vehicle, an overload protection has developed WEGU for Takahashi. This protection device is located in the Interior of the Tilgermasse as elastic buffers and guaranteed that the consistency of the Tilgereigenschaften be affected by shocks of the elastic structure to which it is attached to the tuned mass damper, neither short nor long term. Only at high temperatures. Tilgen heritage somewhat conditions, which can occur, for example, when entering a bad route, nestles the elastic stop at the cylindrical shaft of the fixing bolt and prevents excessive acceleration, which could lead to the failure of the TMD in this way.

Relative motion of the Tilgermasse over the bolts, that exceed a maximum amplitude, are slowed down by the elastic stop not only due to the structure of elastic forces, but also shares of the kinetic energy is converted into heat.

Under normal driving conditions, there will be no contact of elastic stop buffer with the fastening bolt. In these cases, the buffer then only within the space allocated to him moving.

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