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Our technical center, equipped with state-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment, enables our engineers to offer solutions that can be implemented at short notice. All new testing machines are software-controlled digital measuring systems that fully meet the requirements of the automotive industry and thus quickly bring new product ideas to production maturity. Furthermore, we have two special machines, with which we can also fulfill special tasks. It is a 1000 Hz testing machine for the investigation of high-frequency acoustic phenomena and a mobile measuring system with 16 channels for recording and evaluating a wide range of measured variables directly in the vehicle. On the test bench for the analysis of spray mist minimization systems, the efficiency of existing and new systems is tested under realistic conditions (axle loads up to 60 kN and speeds up to 80 km / h).

Certified development - for over 20 years

1996: Buildingaquality management systemaccording to DINENISO of 9001VDA6.1andQS-9000.

1998: Initial certification in accordance with ISO9001,VDA6.1andQS-9000(demandof theGermanandAmericanautomotive industry).

2001: Initialcertificationof thequality management systemaccording to thegloballyvalidISO/TS16949:1999.

2002: Buildinganintegratedmanagement system(qualityandenvironment)

2003: Stage of developmenton the basisofDINENISO9001:2000andISO/TS16949:2002first-timecertificationof theenvironmental management systemaccording to DINENISO14001.

2006: Modificationof theenvironmental management systemaccording to DINENISO14001:2005

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Our certificates

Zertifikat Environmental Management DIN ISO 14001 2015

WEGU Holding GmbH - DIN EN IS 14001

Zertifikat Energiemanagement DIN ISO 50001 2011

WEGU Holding GmbH - DIN EN IS 14001

Zertifikat WEGU NEUISO 9001 2008 SD

WEGU Holding GmbH vibration damping - ISO 9001 2008

Zertifikat  IATF_16949-2016

WEGU Holding GmbH vibration damping - ISO /TS 16949:2016

Zertifikat DIN ISO_16949_2009_LBS_deutsch

WEGU Holding GmbH lightweight construction systems - ISO/TS 16949:2009

Zertifikat Umweltmanagement DIN ISO_14001 Slovakia

WEGU Slovakia -DIN_EN_ISO_14001_2004_environment management

Zertifikat DIN ISO 14001 Slovakia

WEGU Slovakia – ISO/TS 16949:2009

Zertifikat WEGU ISO 9001 2008

WEGU SynerSil-ISO 9001

Zertifikat  IATF 16949 2016 LBS

WEGU GmbH Leichtbausysteme IATF 16949:2016

 IATF 16949 CH

WEGU GmbH Leichtbausyteme IATF 16949 CH